Massimo Galleni - Sculptor in Pietrasanta


Giuliano Vangi Percorso 2005 2007

Work of the artist Dia Aziz Dia commissioned by the Prince of Saudi Arabia

The artist Diaz Aziz Dia performs on the commission of the Prince of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammmed Al Saud a work in white Carrara marble made in our studio in Pietrasanta on behalf of the CVM of Carrara
The work 3 meters high, in addition to the strong meaning, is carved in a single block of Carrara white marble thanks to the technical skills of skilled workers.

Relief church Dio Padre Misericordioso in Rome

The sculptural work present in the presbytery, behind the altar, is a reproduction entirely sculpted by hand by the master Massimo Galleni of Pietrasanta. The original bas-relief is located in the papal apartments and precisely in the "Room of the Popes". This marble bas-relief is the fragment of an ancient sculpture from the Vatican Caves depicting the BENEDICENT EEASTE SURROUNDED by the heads of two angels. Fifteenth-century fragment traced back to Giovanni Dalmata and Mino da Fiesole.


Massimo Bertolini Rome project