Massimo Galleni - Sculptor in Pietrasanta


Luigi Ontani’s fountain in Vergato

Born in Pietrasanta the fountain of maestro Luigi Ontani that will be inaugurated Sunday in Vergato
Sunday, April 7 at 10.30 in Piazza Giovanni XXIII in Vergato will gushing the work of maestro Luigi Ontani "Renvergatellapenninmontovolo", a fountain that already from the name evokes some natural elements characteristic of the Bolognese Apennines. The Marble part was realized by the sculpture studio Massimo Galleni and the bronze by the Foundry of Massimo Da Prato.
The fountain is composed of figures derived from classical mythology, with references to the geographical elements of the Apennines and symbols typical of the Ontanian iconography: an adult Faun in bronze (representing the Rhine river) bears a winged putto on his shoulders (symbol of the Vergatello Torrent), while the majestic and stern head of an old marble Newt (Incarnante L'appennino) rises from the bottom of the circular basin to delimit part of the perimeter that progressively closes with the profiles of the Apennine Mountains. The Egg on which the central group rests is a reference to Montovolo, a fabulous and mythical element of the local landscape, of its history and of the artist's poetic. Galleni: I remember the beginning of this project when the Maestro entrusted me with the realization of this important public work and the difficulties that we had to face together with my other collaborators chosen in agreement with Ontani (Giorgi Marcello for The enlarging and Massimo Da Prato for casting in bronze) when the Master asked us more than 30 jets between the bronze and the marble. This Project has put our craftsmen to the test demonstrating their know-how.
Luigi Ontani, an important international artist who has expressed his creativity and poetic through the use of many techniques.
In 2017 Maestro Luigi Ontani received the "President of the Republic" Award delivered by President Mattarella at Quirinale.

the master and the craftsman

The relationship between the craftsman and the artist is an old relationship of centuries.
A relationship made of long conversations, analysis, debate, choice of material that, at best, will be able to respond to the needs both technical and inspirational of the artist, who, through it, expresses a concept, a theme, an idea.
My relationship with the artists has always traced my professional career and determined an internal and professional growth that I never imagined at my beginnings..............

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Massimo Bertolini's exhibition "Magma" in Costigliole D'asti.
This is the exhibition "Massimo Bertolini – Magma – The Destiny of form and sculpture as the imprint of our becoming", scheduled from March 30 to June 30, 2019 curated by Claudio Cerrato and will inaugurate Saturday, March 30 at 16

A room will be dedicated to the work ' Rootings ' made using wood of trees felled in Forte dei Marmi on March 5, 2015 for a wave of bad weather on the proposal of Massimo Galleni and placed in the pinewood of via Matteotti thanks to the former mayor Umberto Buratti.


Koinè is the most prestigious trade fair event for the international supply line of the religious sector: a two-yearly event featuring a special synergy between exhibitors and the areas for reflection, conference, debate and professional training.

Sculpting a marble copy of Michelangelo Buonarroti's Schiavo Morente in the traditional method.
Massimo Galleni's art studio has decided to make a video shoot in memory of this wonderful experience.

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Making team helps, even to spin the economy. Are becoming more frequent
Private initiatives to create synergies and have greater strength
Promotional markets. In The Small Athens was born "Made in Pietrasanta"
Which brings together four companies from different sectors: a laboratory
of marble, a restoration company, an artistic foundry and a
Mosaic firm. "Made in Pietrasanta" is not a physical place, but one
State of mind, ensure entrepreneurs Adolfo Agolini Foundry
Mariani and Pietro Vecchio of Restauroitalia that we interviewed, in the
Project together with Massimo Galleni of the homonymous study of sculpture and
Manrico Bertellotti of Ferrari and Bacci Mosaics. The four companies, with
A long and important tradition behind in Versilia........................
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Michelangelo Reload-Artistic Residence

Michelangelo Reload- Artistic Residence (5-12 november)

Workshop SKILL

Conference Inauguration Workshop "SKILLS"
Tuesday, October 16 at 18.00-Refectory Room Ex Convent of the Friars-Fondazione CAV Pietrasanta
The Foundation Visual Arts Center is pleased to Invite you to the opening conference of the Workshop "SKILLS" conceived and curated by Eli Benveniste in collaboration with the Fondazione CAV Pietrasanta. The SKILLS course, hosted in part by the Foundation and partly at the studio of the curator, lasting 8 days focuses on the realization of a sketch in clay or plaster, as a fundamental step in the elaboration of the work Final. The Course aims to be an introduction to sculptural techniques but at the same time an introduction to the artistic and daily life of Pietrasanta, known throughout the world for its artistic vivacity and the mastery of artisan laboratories. So in this opening meeting will be the artistic tradition of the city to be presented as a whole.
As Witnesses of the excellence of the artisan fabric of Pietrasanta, the inauguration conference will take part Adolfo Agolini (Foundry Mariani), Massimo Galleni (Laboratory Galleni Maximus), Christian Lange (Marblestudio Stagetti) and Lars Henningsen, for years restorer of Carlsberg Foundation, who was a kind of ambassador of the artistic production of Pietrasanta in the world. The conference will be introduced and moderated by the artist Eli Benveniste, creator of the workshop and very connected to the artistic production system of Pietrasanta, who with this course wants to promote and make known to new foreign artists.