Massimo Galleni - Sculptor in Pietrasanta


Repost from @nighgallery Iranian-born British artist Reza Aramesh repositions reportage images, usually from highly mediated events of war, subjugation, displacement, and duress. The artist transforms these source images into sculptural volumes based on European art history and its hegemony of beauty in the service of power. The results are unsettling, as desirable as they are objectionable. The artist balances the work precariously between empathy and cruelty. asking his viewers to consider not what beautv "is." but what beauty "does."

The work presented preludes Aramesh's forthcoming solo show "Number 207" curated by Serubiri Moses in collaboration with MUNTREF, Buenos Aires and Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami taking place on the occasion of the 60th Venice biennale at Chiesa San Fantin that opens on April 16th in Venice.

Reza Aramesh, "Site of the Fall - Study of the Renaissance Garden Action 217: At 11:30 am, Monday 16 July 2012," 2023, hand carved Nero Belgio and Rosa Portogallo polished marble, 39 ¾" X 15 ¼" X 10"

James Bond

Galleni: It was a pleasure to receive the visit of Eloise and John Paul Dejoria, friends of the artist Emmanuel Fillion who is making the great sculpture in our art studio in Pietrasanta.

Eloise and John Paul Dejoria arrived on a visit accompanied by the actor Pierce Brosnam (the legendary James Bond) and his wife Keely shave

. After the excursion to the quarries of the Henraux company to learn about the extraction of marble, they arrived in the studio of the craftsman Massimo Galleni in Pietrasanta to see the work in progress of the sculptor Emmanuel Fillion and learn about the phases of marble processing. It was an opportunity to get to know the craftsmanship of Pietrasantese and its workers.

EuroWings airline magazine

Massimo Galleni's sculpture studio is also present in the EuroWings Magazine magazine.

Eurowings is one of the most successful low-cost carriers in Europe

The airline carried more than 20 million passengers last year, to more than 130 destinations worldwide. It has six main hubs, in Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg and Dortmund.

LET’S GO Cultures on the move

The exhibition project, curated by Maria Mancini, intends to underline how cultures are not stable, impermeable and static realities, but are transformed both for internal causes and for contact with other cultures.


The exhibition has as protagonists 64 artists of different origins but who in their path have established an essential bond with the territory.

Artisti in mostra: An See Hun -Baek Jinki – Cho Eun Hee -Chun Ok – Gi Kyung Soo – Han Gi Neum – Han Jin Sub – Jeon Yong Hwan – Jeung Boungki – Jisoo Jung Kopperud – Jung Hoiman – Kang Taehyu – Kim Chong-Ken – Kim Geun Bae – Kim Hyejin – Kim Jung Mi – Kim Min Jung – Kim Seung Hwan – Kim Su Hyun – Kim Sung Heun – Kim Sungil – Kim Tae Ho – Kim Changghi – Lee Jinhee – Lee Kyoung Jae – Min Sonug Ho – Moon Shin – Moon Ung Seon – Park Heon Youl – Park Min Jung – Park Seungwan – Park Sooyong - Park Sun Young – Song Hyun Ho – Yum Si Kwon – Choi Yoon Sook – Miguel Ausili – Raquel Aversano – Piergiorgio Balocchi – Paola Bartolacci - Nicolas Bertoux – Marina Bors – Marco Cardini – Vittorio Corsini – Michele D’agostino – Monica Foglia – Johan Friso – Emanuele Giannelli – Emanuele Giannetti – Luciano Massari – Ron Mehlman – Gianni Moretti – Maximo Pellegrinetti – Tano Pisano – Carlo Pizzichini – Roberto Rocchi – Cynthia Sah – Daniele Salvalai – Paolo Scirpa – Claudio Tomei – Alessandro Traina – Umit Turgay Durgun – Cordelia Von Den Steinen, Tiziana Tacconi (Opera Condivisa).

Event organized by the Visual Arts Center Foundation of Pietrasanta, with the Municipality of Pietrasanta, in collaboration with the association of Korean artists KISA and the contribution of the Cassa Risparmio Lucca Foundation.

Among the sponsors of the exhibition is the sculpture studio Massimo Galleni of Pietrasanta.