Massimo Galleni - Sculptor in Pietrasanta


Emmanuel Fillion: The art of cutting stone

Kevin Francis Gray has generated bodies of work which address the complex relationship between abstraction and figuration.

The exhibition which began on November 25th will end on March 27th at 

 Pace Gallery.


Italian television RAI3

The Geo program conducted by Sveva Sagràmola and Emanuele Bigi is broadcast on Rai3 on February 3 and will be repeated on Sunday 7. Among the documentaries we talk about Pietrasanta and artistic craftsmanship by visiting the studio of Galleni Massimo where marble works are sculpted all over the world.

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Stone Panorama Magazine

In India the magazine has the largest circulation in the stone industry. It is the oldest publication in India dedicated to the stone industry (started in 1999). The magazine also has the largest paid subscriber base in India. The magazine has its distribution among quarry owners, transformers, factory owners, retailers, machinery and instrument manufacturers, more stockiest, wholesalers, exporters, importers and many others.

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Sandro Del Pistoia winner of El Marble Bench Challenge

Sculptor Sandro Del Pistoia 1 ranked at the Marble Bench Challenge

From the "precious scraps" of marble of the works of Giuliano Vangi and architect Mario Botta for the construction of the Church Pope John XXIII comes the project of the architect and sculptor Sandro Del Pistoia who won the first edition of the Marble Bench Challenge

promoted by the Visual Arts Centre Foundation with the patronage of the Municipality of Pietrasanta.

The decisive was the vote of visitors to the challege exhibition that put in front of the projects of ten young artists, designers, architects selected from the seventy candidates. Votes that, alongside those of the special jury formed by the artist Fabio Viale, the gallerists Susanna Orlando and Claudio Francesconi, the craftsman Massimo Galleni and the journalist director Massimiliano Montefameglio, have awarded the work of Del Pistoia and his eponymous project "Pietrasanta"....

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