Massimo Galleni - Sculptor in Pietrasanta


The life of an artisan in Pietrasanta

There was a time in Pietrasanta, where young people unwilling to go on studying could have the chance to channel their creative energies in working marble, in learning how to transform a still piece of stone into a living creature that talks to whoever happens to meet with it.

I was one of them.

I remember going to Art High School one day and thinking…” Why am I doing it? Why am I going to school, when all I want to do is to earn my living and become a man?”.

I was only 16 and it was then that I changed my life into an artisan’s life.........

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Made in Pietrasanta


The art Studio Galleni Massimo sculptor joins Made in Pietrasanta

"Everything that is done in Pietrasanta is well done," we heard someone say once and starting from that beautiful comment, we had an idea that has become a project and that has developed into a synergy.

Excellence and quality will be our key words related to craftsmanship and tailor-made, where "cut to size" means regulated, modeled and executed according to the customers ' final needs.
We are a small and efficient group of entrepreneurs who have decided to share decades of experience in each sector and to work in synergy and where each part is there to contribute to the best.

Four companies, working in Pietrasanta for years, bringing abroad their products and developing a network of artisans, customers, artists and pieces of art that contribute to make this world, if not better, at least more beautiful.
We want to dream big, think big, act in great.

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Nico Orlandi takes pictures in Massimo Galleni studio

Nico Orlandi has participated in many competitions and exhibitions making known his art internationally as the gold medal at the World championship of artistic nude won in 2015, a bronze in 2014 and a bronze and a silver in 2016. Now he has completed the preparation to participate in the selection for the 2018

A beautiful shot in my studio in Pietrasanta behind the work of the artist Anna Chromy.